Things You Should NOT Pay for

Why spend money on goods that are free or almost free???

Number 1: Bottled Water
Why spend more money on bottled water, while tap water straight from home is just as good or sometimes even better? Although tap water is not exactly free (since you do have to pay an annual utility fee to local government for water service), it’s way cheaper than bottled water. Plus, tap water usually has fluoride which is good for the teeth, whereas bottled water usually does not.

If you insist in spending $2 on a bottle of water, think about spending it on fresh fruits instead; eg, oranges, grapes, water melons which all have high water contents in addition to various good nutrition and vitamins.

Number 2: Internet Modems, Routers
When you sign up for internet service for as little as 1 year contract, you should be able to get the modem free. If it breaks down, you should also be able to get it replaced free. If not, you should consider switching internet companies. There are so many out there that provide modems free. If you want to set up wireless internet at your home, call the internet company to help you configure the setting. You shouldn’t need to buy any router to use internet wirelessly.

Number 3: Cell Phones
You can usually get free cell phones with 2 or 3 year contracts. Those free phones may not be fancy, but they’re free. Besides they get better each year as technology advances. One point to keep in mind, once your contract expires, you should make a request to get another free phone with a new contract. The reason is after using a cell phone 2 to 3 years, the battery may not sustain for a long time any more. Plus a new phone will be even better in quality after 2 to 3 years.

How about blackberry, iPhone, smartphones, or similar? Do you really need them? One drawback is the phone itself costs money. On top of that, the phone services for those types of phones cost even more money, especially the little amount of internet that you’re allowed to use each month. If you go over the monthly allowed bandwidth usage, you’re incurred with expensive charges. Many of those phones also have camera capability, but generally the photo quality can never be as good as regualr point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras. The multi-tasked phones can perform many functions, but most of the performance are not up to par with single-tasked devices. Today’s technology is not there yet to package all desired functions in one small package. So why bother to “pay” for inferior performances?

Number 4: Credit Reports

By laws, you should be able to get one free credit report per year from credit bureaus, such as Equifax and TransUnsion. For average people, that should be the frequency that people check their credit to make sure everything is correct on the report.

Number 5: Boxes and Styrofoam Pellets
Planning on moving? Or, mailing goods that you sell on eBay? Go to major retail stores; eg, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. There will be lots of free boxes for you. Arrange a time with store manager, and you’re set to go.

If you need boxes with handles, just cut a rectangular hole on each side (wide enough to let your fingers fit in). That will enable you to carry the boxes easily.

Number 6: Coupons
You shouldn’t need to buy things to get coupons. There are tons of free coupons out there. However, be careful about using coupons. Usually they require you to buy in bulk or more than one. Just make sure you don’t buy too much. It’s a waste of money if you stock up stuff you don’t use and end up throwing away.

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