Money CAN buy happiness!!

I would like to ask everyone’s input regarding whether money can you happiness.

For me, I totally believe money CAN buy happiness in many, if not all, aspects unless you are a millionaire or a billionaire. Here is my story……

I’m happy when I can drive to work. While I was a university student, during those 10 years I took public transit to school everyday and it was not very convenient because I wasted a lot of time waiting for bus/train to come. Sometimes I missed the bus, and sometimes the bus didn’t even come at all. How frustrating!! For any finance smart people, they probably know TIME IS MONEY!! Now, I have a car because I could afford it, and I’m happy. I use it for work, for grocery shopping, for trips, for many many occasions. 😀

I’m happy when I can call my family with my cell phone any time as needed. Cell phone plans do cost money! Or, perhaps, people still write letters to their relatives and families??!! I don’t think so. The same holds true for internet. I’m happy, because I use my money to make sure I will have cell phone and internet every month and keep me conncected with those important to me. 😀

Every time when I look at those beautiful smiling photos that I took with my families during vacation, I know…MONEY can buy happiness. Without money, we wouldn’t be able to go on a trip. Without money, I wouldn’t be able to buy a camera to capture those happy moments that my family and I would be able to cherish for years to come.

Those are just a few exmples where I think MONEY can buy happiness, unless you’re a millionaire/billionaire. What’s your thought on this discussion topic?

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