How Much Do British Royal Family Make Annually?

What's annual income for Prince William, Prince Harry, or even for QEII?

Royal Wedding Photo of William & KateNot as much as you think!!

Prince William: $61,388 (Helicopter Pilot of Search and Rescue of Royal Air Force as a flight lieutenant). His salary is around 44,000 British pounds.

Prince Harry: $60,000 (Captain of British Army)

Inheritance for William & Harry: Since age 21, both have access to the investment profit of the $10 Million Princess Diana left them. The investment profit is currently $450,000 per year. At age 30, both have access to the entire $10Million.

* William & Kate will not get a salary for their royal duties; however, they may be reimbursed for any expenses incurred while on ambassadorial duties or appearances.

** For the Royal Wedding of William & Kate on April 29, 2011, the cost is paid by both families of William and Kate. The only expense from the taxpayer is the security, not just for the newlyweds but more importantly for the entire public in general during the wedding of this century.

Prince William, Harry, Charles, and Princess Diana Family Picture PhotoPrince Charles: makes his money from the Duchy of Cornwall, a vast collection of lands and holdings owned by his family. The Duchy’s revenues are currently about $28Million per year. Charles routinely gives away millions in philanthropic and charitable contributions.

QEII: Her net worth was $500 million last year, much of it in classic property, horse racing stud farms, and fine art handed down to her from previous regal generations. From her royal duty as the Queen, she has committed to a 14 percent drop in royal household spending for the next two years, has frozen the $12.9 million a year she receives from the state in return for the regal duties and costs since 1990 (meaning a real money drop of 76 percent due to inflation) and even cancelled last year’s Buckingham Palace staff Christmas party.

Royal Wedding Cake Photography of William & Kate** The biggest allowance the Royal Family can get from the government/taxpaypers is the rental of the palaces they reside. For many ordinary families, houses is a major purchase; for royal family, they don’t have to worry about paying mortgage and instead they can invest their money elsewhere. The biggest contribution of a royal family in a financial perspective is a money-making business. Media, tourism, gift shops, etc can all benefit from its existence, if the royal family has a good reputation worldwide.

Key Facts About Royal Finances

1. There are four sources of funding of The Queen, and those working in support of The Queen as Head of State. These are:
– the Civil List, to meet official expenditure relating to The Queen’s duties as Head of State and Head of the Commonwealth;
– the Grant-in-Aid for the upkeep of Occupied Royal Palaces;
– the Grant-in-Aid for Royal travel, for air and rail journeys associated with official engagements;
– the Privy Purse for The Queen’s public and personal use.

2. Head of State expenditure is the official expenditure relating to The Queen’s duties as Head of the Commonwealth.

3. Head of State expenditure is met from public funds, in exchange for the surrender of revenue from the Crown Estate. This amounted to £211 million in the financial year to 31 March 2008.

4. The Queen does not receive any money from the Crown Estate. The annual revenue surplus from the Crown Estate is received by the Treasury.

5. Head of State expenditure does not include the costs of security, which is the responsibility of the Home Office and the police.

6. Only The Duke of Edinburgh receives funding from the Civil List. This amounts to £359,000 per annum.

7. Parliamentary annuities for The Duke of York (£249,000 per annum); The Earl of Wessex (£141,000 per annum); The Princess Royal (£228,000 per annum); and The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester (£175,000 per annum), The Duke and Duchess of Kent (£236,000 per annum) and Princess Alexandra (£225,000 per annum) are repaid by The Queen from her private funds.

8. These repaid Parliamentary Annuities are spent on office costs.

9. The Queen has always been subject to Value Added Tax and other indirect taxes and rates on a voluntary basis.

10. In 1992, The Queen offered to pay capital gains tax on a voluntary basis.

11. As from 1993, The Queen’s personal income has been taxable as for any taxpayer and the Privy Purse is fully taxable.

12. The inhabitants of the Occupied Royal Palaces and private Royal residences are subject to Council Tax, as set by the relevant local council.

13. Although The Queen’s estate will be subject to Inheritance Tax, bequests from Sovereign to Sovereign are exempt. This is because the Sovereign is unable to generate significant new wealth through earnings or business activities, and to recognise the requirement for the Monarchy to have a degree of financial independence.

14. The Queen does not own the Royal Palaces, works of art from the Royal Collection or the Crown Jewels. These are held by Her Majesty as Sovereign and must be passed to her successor in due course.

15. Every year the Royal Household publishes an Annual Summary of Head of State expenditure, together with a full report on Royal public finances. Both reports are part of the Household’s continuing commitment to the highest standards of disclosure and to making Royal Finances as transparent as possible.

To read more on Financial Stats of British Royal Family,
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47 Responses to How Much Do British Royal Family Make Annually?

  1. Lisa Smith on 2017/11/29 at 3:17 pm

    Why is it out of this whole article most of you on here only picked up on the Christmas party? Is it because some of the facts in here don’t go towards you ideologies? I wonder how you feel about our foreign aid bill? where we give more money to other countries who give us nothing then we give to our Royal family whom are loved around the world and bring lots of tourism. Our Royal family are also Ambassadors to this country travelling the world helping with negotiations. How many of you can put your hand up and say you would join the army and do tours like Harry has? many of you would never put yourself on the line for someone else. The money the Royal family gets from the UK purse works out to about 65p a year per person, less than the price of a postage stamp. How much do you think The House of Lords costs? Do you think people come to the UK to get a glimpse of a bunch of old has been politicians/whoevers? Do they bring in tourism? How much do you think it cost’s to house migrants and their families having to use interpreters? How much do you think it cost’s us to send back bogus refugees with them getting legal aid and them keep appealing?What about all those that sit on their backsides claiming benefits whilst sleeping all day and not even bothering to get a job. Many of the Royals have real jobs as some on here have put it. Prince Edward use to own his own Media company his wife was a famous Tennis player. Princess Anne has always had her own stud farms and has also represented our country in the Olympics in the Equestrian Category and went through an awful kidnapping attempt. Most of the Queens Grandchildren have Jobs. Either way if there was no royal family the up keep of the castles and Buckingham palace would still have to be kept. The difference then is we won’t have all the extra tourism money coming in due to so many people only coming here to get a glimpse of one of the Royal families or the tax paid by them.

    • Derek on 2017/12/06 at 10:41 pm

      Here is a simple answer to the Royals. Put the vote to the British taxpayer. Yes to keep paying gor them or no, scrap the royals and take all the property and financial wealth they made on the British taxpayer over the decades.

  2. Ayejayee on 2016/07/11 at 9:37 am

    In American our royal family is everyone on welfare.. When u look at it that way

  3. Revolutionary Bob on 2016/01/25 at 6:33 pm

    Why did the royal scroungers cancel the staff Christmas Party? Is it because they cannot afford a glass of beer for the plebs? Basically it is because they are a bunch of penny pinching Germans or at least of German descent. As soon as Mr Corbyn gets into power and builds a scaffold in Trafalgar Square and perhaps puts a guillotine in the Strand and charges onlookers thirty Bob per execution then the money will roll in by the ship load.

    • Revolutionary Bob on 2016/01/25 at 6:53 pm

      Ok just a bit over the top for which I apologise. Perhaps they should look at the parties in future. And the gallows an guillotine can come down.once again sorry for any offence cussed

    • Revolutionary Bob on 2016/01/25 at 7:36 pm

      I wish to apologise for my comments earlier. Ilet my left wing views carry me away. So if possible I would like to withdraw all earlier completely and thoroughly disown them. Many apologies if any hurt was taken

      • John Neanda on 2016/03/02 at 11:36 pm

        why are you apologising so much? You should have conviction in your opinions. I thought about the queen cancelling the staff party was quite true, they cut the entertainment costs of the staff rather than that for themselves

      • jim mattimore new york on 2017/03/12 at 7:05 pm

        I love your comment and don’t feel bad. The country has thousands of homeless.
        Topple the whole clan.

    • Lisabela on 2016/05/14 at 4:45 pm

      Why apologise 12 million people in England feel as you do about the royal scroungers. Now its 14th May and today we see even more money poured down the toilet that is the royal household as london comes to a standstill in yet another multi million pound parade. The average yearly salary here is £25,000 but she gets £30,000,000.00p per year. and for what, waiving her hand and sitting her old arse on an old wooden chair with a silly metal hat on her head. The Torienazis are currently considering paying the £210,000,000,000.00p Thats Two hundred and Ten Billion pound cost to replace Trident which is a complete waste of time and money, put that into the NHS and maybe old people would not be dying in hospital corridors.

  4. Dr. Peter Ivanonkiv, PhD on 2015/09/16 at 3:33 pm

    Just returned from Britain and I witnessed many people in their long, all ached row housing to be rather poor. I checked the salaries and they are low , low compared to Canada or America.
    If I lived there, I would not have the love of the Royals so many have, as I would merely be living on 30, 40 and maybe thousand pounds per year. I asked many people there and they said it was hard to meet their expenses. So be very happy to be in Canada and continue to vote PC>

    • Brian Halverson on 2015/11/20 at 12:25 am

      PC are evil !!! So happy they are HISTORY !!! Go Justin Trudeau !!!.

    • Lisa Smith on 2017/11/29 at 3:28 pm

      Yes your right it is bad with wages here but that’s not due to the Royal family that is due to businesses taking advantage of the minimum wage bracket which is set by our Government not the Royals. We have living wages here that is not mandatory but is optional for businesses and most of them opt not to use it. So who is in the wrong then? As soon as our Government even talk about raising the minimum wage big businesses automatically start saying they will have to cut their work force. These are the same businesses who pay their execs £200,000 a year and claim millions in profit and yet don’t want to pay their staff a decent wage. It is so easy to lay blame at other peoples feet when in reality its about time we started laying blame at the feet of those big businesses who not only keep wages low but on some occasions open up head quarters in a tax haven country to avoid paying taxes on their profits in countries that they have shops or warehouses!

  5. CCL on 2015/03/27 at 2:33 pm

    They dont take the money for themselves, they pay for their own stuff except for their houses which should be no big deal as their ancestors did a lot for so many countries and brought Britain forward, it is because of them Britain as influence in the world. And lets not forget they once ruled over one of the largest empire. Plus even if they get to live rent free in their palaces, they are the ones who built it. This is not a huge issue than many others, get over it.

    • HENRY on 2015/05/04 at 7:02 pm


      • William Earl Hammond on 2015/06/19 at 6:27 am

        The Royal Family is everything. The world looks to the Queen and her family as a non negotiable asset. When the Queen speaks the world listens. Thats a real amazing thing. The Queen is loved by me and millions across the globe. God save the Queen. May GOD and the Angels in Heaven bless her every thought and deed.


      • Moxie on 2015/06/20 at 1:55 am

        That’s one family there are a lot of royal families that take more than they earn, plus it’s not like they take money without explaination….government gives money to run Buckingham palace and they make profit from all the visitors they get and there are expenses of the government which they can cut to give to the poor. No one tells them to go fight useless wars that bring destruction to everything, they can stop wasting that money and use that to make the country better. If you have not lived a day in their shoes, you don’t get to say they do nothing.

    • Paul Malloy on 2016/03/08 at 5:53 pm

      Are you serious CCL….”their family” has only ruled since 1700’s have done absolutely nothing for any other country except condone the colonising, exploiting & destruction caused by the truly awful British empire

    • john antrobus on 2017/06/27 at 1:23 pm

      How did they build it you moron. average working people built it with blood sweat and tears

  6. Krag on 2014/03/21 at 7:50 pm

    What would the royal family have if this stuff was not all given to them. They would be all living in a flat just like the rest of the drunks. “The family does not own the palace or the royal crown .They have to pass it down”Ok what is the new name of the people she has to pass it down to? It is the same family. They have you Brits so BSed you can not see straight. God forbid some one say something about them you start pissing your pants. Our president is in for four to eight years. These people homesteaded the place and they will not leave and you are good with that.

    • KitKat on 2014/10/27 at 1:02 pm

      Of course you’re completely blind to the fact that if you hadn’t been lucky you could have been born in a developing nation where your parents couldn’t afford to feed you, clothe you, or send you to school and it doesn’t bother you at all that the vast majority of the things we buy are made in sweatshops found in those countries that exploit their workers, many of whom are children. If you look at it that way, you’re the same as the Windsors, but at least they know it.

      • KitKat on 2014/10/27 at 1:03 pm

        *at least the Windsors make huge contributions to charity, so you’re probably worse than they are

    • Bradley C on 2015/10/11 at 7:19 pm

      Not sure if you’re speaking of the US President, I myself am American. I think it’s very hard to make any judgement about another country’s political system. But from my point of view it would be quite difficult to live as a Royal. This is a family which, yes, has an immense amount of wealth and privilege, but that privilege comes at the cost of huge responsibility. When you consider how many wealthy families or individuals there are in the world, with so much less responsibility, one can almost wonder if it’s worth it.
      An article just came out in the New York Times today, explaining how 158 US families have contributed half the money collected for the 2016 Presidential election cycle. What responsibility do they have? A single hedge fund manager is reported to make $68.5 million a month! What responsibility does he have? If nothing else, I do not see that the Royal Family’s blessing could be bought, but I’m not sure sure about the favor of the US President.
      In any case, from my point of view it is a fascinating system, and I have to agree with the comment made above, that when the Queen speaks the whole world listens.

      • braindrainers on 2016/06/11 at 12:21 pm

        When Kim Kardashian changes dresses the world takes notice. The world feeds on celebrity. This is an idiotic form of mental slavery

  7. ssan on 2013/11/19 at 3:56 am

    It’s a very difficult to judge when you think about royal figures/ political figures. I agree with the idea that they are spending government money on the things that we commoners are not even any where near. But, the idea is they are there to help create peace and stability among citizens. If it wasn’t for their careful work, we don’t know how things would be. It will be like growing up with out parents or caregivers.
    No matter how much we bitch about their spending, they do make decisions that makes a world of difference in our lives. Making a decision for billions of people is not as easy as it seems, it’s a lot of work and thinking in their part. As long as they do their job of keeping everyone safe, I think they deserve to treat themselves with some luxury vacation.

  8. Sofa Cashcarryone on 2013/11/14 at 11:24 am

    where on earth do they get these figures from, the queen has a net worth of $500m you say, thats strange as from offshore windfarms alone she is making £240m this year alone. these people are believed by birthright to have a divine right to rule over us.

  9. redline on 2013/09/12 at 4:55 pm

    Prince Charles, rakes in over £100million profit from one property alone. The figures outlined above are a farce – do your home work.

  10. nattie on 2013/08/28 at 4:17 pm

    They own nothing and get nothing from uk poeple,inherit land frommsomeone elses family,it so funny I blush for them,they look stupid,itnsomeone elses land and money there trying to steal it online at nicolanta twitter read favorites,

    • Joe on 2013/09/12 at 12:55 pm

      Nattie, maybe you’re confused around your own emotions? I can only assume you are embarrassed through your poor use of the English language.

  11. angela on 2013/07/25 at 8:50 am

    I am in America and we hate our gov too. We have a so called royal family living off our hard earned money, living it up and vacationing all over the place!

    • Liderc on 2013/07/26 at 1:59 am

      You’re comparing a royal family which inherits billions in land and homes to the Obamas, who have to spend a couple hundred thousand to go on a family vacation due to security?

      On behalf of the rest of America, we ask that you leave our country, as you’re a moron.

  12. Kris on 2013/07/24 at 8:11 pm

    Come on guys, give da royals a break, why not stop all the gov funding, and pay percentage of uk tourist revenue bac to the palace. I would like to take pics of palace someday too ????

  13. joan on 2013/07/23 at 10:41 pm

    the worse part is they cancelled the staff Christmas party. Scrooge must have been a relative.

  14. Ray on 2013/07/23 at 3:37 pm

    You people are typical bloodsuckers which name you seem to apply to the Royals. Yet, Britian and its people benefit by over $400M annually these people generate from tourist who are interested in seeing them & their “holdings” you don’t mind using them and even worse, you want them to do it for free. What a bunch of bloodsuckers. You are far worse than a Royal could ever be….

  15. taxman on 2013/07/10 at 1:39 am

    Agree with Lois on this. What a huge waste of money these people are.

    • Gary on 2013/07/23 at 1:34 pm


  16. kathleen Donnelly on 2012/06/16 at 4:13 pm

    The British people are already poor, try living on £200 a week… when your utility bills are soaring .. of course the queen pays council tax on Buck Palace, a bizare amount of £1,375 a year… Just the same as me!!! in a semi… clap my hands and wave my flag!
    The ruling class will stay that, unless the majority wake up.

    • Charles Hudzinski on 2012/11/30 at 9:27 am

      Kathleen…I believe that we Americans are well along on the road to a life much like yours, with an “elected” pseudo-Royal family, who spend the public’s money as though it all belongs to them. Like you, I watch sadly for the majority to WAKE UP!

      • Rob M. on 2014/11/28 at 6:23 am

        Our government doesn’t listen to us and god help you if you are in financial hardship. Homeless here we come and I mean the Middle? class? Rob here,

    • Bogus Bill on 2013/01/18 at 3:56 am

      They are real bloodsuckers, off with their heads!!

    • Natalie on 2013/05/12 at 3:03 am

      Without the monarchy citizens would actually be paying more taxes because any money from the crown estate (211 million pounds) is going directly to the government! She makes more money annually on her own, then she actually gets from the government! Also do you even realize how much money she brings into the economy through tourism! Going to England to see the royal family is one of the few reasons why I would even want to go there. (I mean hell it seems like a rainy depressing place)

      • Lisa Smith on 2017/11/29 at 3:44 pm

        Natalie some people just can’t see the facts and truth about the Royals all they see is money. Not that it only costs 65p a yer per person for the Royal family less than we pay for a postage stamp. The idea of them paying taxes does not fathom with some they pay council tax on ALL their properties paying nearly 10 grand a year and all this was made in the 90’s when the Queen made it clear she will be paying taxes even though she has no legal need to. William receives less a year than 1 of our politicians and many execs and yet people are complaining. The Royals are Ambassadors to the UK and bring so much more to it than half its citizens. Running Charities and then there’s the Queen flying around the world at 92 helping in relations with other world leaders when so many her age have all ready retired. Many people that complain about the Queen are the same that complain that retirement age has gone up a couple of years. I think some people are just ignorant to the fact the Royals actually do more than just sit around waving their hand to us mere peasants!

  17. Joe on 2012/05/14 at 1:01 am

    I realize the royals have to have money, because they can’t exactly go out and get a job at McDonald’s, but though they are world famous and their ancestors raped the public for every dime they could steal, there are plenty of people who could buy and sell them. It would be nice to have a place in history and your pics on castle walls, but I wouldn’t want their lives. They can’t do anything without somebody sticking a camera in their face.

  18. Lizzy on 2012/02/12 at 10:31 am

    Can I just point out a glaring error in your otherwise comprehensive report. Neither the Duchy of Cornwall nor the the Duchy of Lancaster actually belong to the Royal Family. You are confusing the Windsor dynasty with the Monarchy. As the Queen is currently Monarch she is allowed to use the profist from the Duchy of Lancaster but does not actually own it nor can she sell it it is provided for the use of the Monarch (irrespective of the dynasty occupying the throne). Similarly the eldest son of the Monarch (currently Charles) is allowed to use the profits from the Duchy of Cornwall but he does not own the Duchy nor can he sell it. If there is no eldest son then the income reverts to the Treasury and there have been periods in history where this has happened. There is a serious constiutional issue if the Royal Family claims to own these estates when they don’t. HM’s only private estates are Sandringham and Balmoral.

  19. Texas Patriot on 2011/05/01 at 5:21 pm

    Eventually, like Americans, the British
    people will All become extremely poor. A Financially Socialistic Govt cannot & should not be extremely extravagant as this causes the downfall of all society in all countries. We love the Brits but
    are they being kind to the commoners?

  20. Lois on 2011/04/26 at 2:23 pm

    The Queen cutting staff expenditures is probably more felt by her workers than herself. I think it stinks.

    • Tina Edwards on 2012/12/31 at 12:24 am

      Read number 3 and 4 on that list again. This is the Queens own estate from which she gives the profits to the treasury each year and keeps nil for herself. The amount she gives far outweighs the amount she takes!

    • peaches on 2013/04/30 at 8:55 am

      I think it was the comment that to save money the queen cancelled the Buckingham Palace Staff Christmas dinner!!

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