CEO Salary for McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks & other major retail chains

On Average, CEOs Earn 874 TImes More Per Hour Than a Sales Associate!

Starbucks, McDonald's, Walmart, Target, BestBuy, Macys, The Home Depot, Apple, KFC, CostcoEver wonder the annual incomes for the chief executive officers in major fast-food and retail stores? You can guess…the salaries are big and fat, in comparison to their employees. In fact, it will takes a sale associate 2.65 months of overtime to equal one hour of CEO pay!

The chief executive officers of McDonald’s and Starbucks earn more than $9,200 an hour, which is at least 1,000 times the hourly wages of their sales associates, according to a new report by the personal finance website NerdWallet.

Using publicly available data from annual proxy statements and salary monitor site, this report highlights fast-food and retail chains with some of the biggest gaps between CEO pay and hourly wages paid to associates.

The top 10 with the highest pay disparities are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dollar General, Gap, TJ Maxx, Target, Wal-Mart, CVS Caremark, Best Buy, and AT&T Wireless.

CEOs Hourly Pay of Fast-Food & Retail Chains


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One Response to CEO Salary for McDonalds, Walmart, Starbucks & other major retail chains

  1. marlene on 2015/04/25 at 3:28 pm

    Well I think all of these ceos must be working very hard to earn all that money
    but we should remember that everything has its time…every business good or bad will end up in the trash…we just have to wait….a lot of stores in have gone down….we just need someone to build a store and charge 50 cents less on everything..then its bye bye to all …and it will happen..I worked at walmart for three yrs and worked very very hard and its a skeleton staff and pple hate to come in sometimes..but we’ll see what happens in the coming yrs…they also tell staff how much walmart made that day but I can’t get 3 hrs of help…shame on all the waltons

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