Banking & Budgeting

JACKPOT Lotto 649 – how to win and predict numbers

Playing lottery is a quick way to become an instant millionaire. Despite the fact that the chance of winning is very small, you will not win if you do not buy a ticket. However if you buy one, at least you will have a chance, right? All investments carry some degree of risk, and...

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Top Cash Back Credit Cards

Below is a list of Canadian banks and credit unions that offer cashback credit cards. I’ll update this list on an onging basis. CIBC Dividend VISA Card $0 annual fee; interest rate 19.5% Tier one – 0.25% rebate for net annual purchases up to $1,500 Tier two – 0.50% rebate for net annual purchases...

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Best Times to Buy

This article contains a brief summary for best times to buy in North America: airplane tickets appliances gold cars gym membership electronics oil real estate designer clothing& jewelry furniture USD currency   Airplane Tickets Best Time to Buy: At Least 14 Days Before Departure Two week ahead of departure is the minimum to seize...

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Feature Story

How Much Do First Nations Chiefs Make Annually across Canada?

Chief Ron Giesbrecht in BC took home almost $1,000,000 INCOME TAX FREE! His band has a population of only 82!!! Chief Jim Boucher in Alberta claimed an annual salary of...

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Top Financial Stories

How Much Do Tim Hortons Owners Earn Annually?

Tim Hortons store owner pockets each year: $265,558 and more (after tax & interest)!!! In year 2002 for an average Tim Horton's outlet: Gross earning: $1.5Million...

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