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gym membership electronics oil real estate
designer clothing
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furniture USD currency  

Airplane Tickets

Best Time to Buy: At Least 14 Days Before Departure
Two week ahead of departure is the minimum to seize a good deal. However, even with this time frame, the quantitiy of low-priced tickets can be limited, and you may not be able to find the desired departure time. To increase your freedom of choices price-wise and schedule-wise, book your ticket as far ahead as possible. Generally, airline companies will email out discount promotions one to three months ahead, so be sure to sign up for their online newsletters. For Christams holiday season, you generally should book a ticket around mid-October. Another thing to be cautious: book tickets in advance only when you know for sure you can travel on the selected dates. Flight rescheduling and cancellation can be costly.

The above information is for causual local traveling. If you want to tour another country, you should consider “traveling packages” from your travel agent. The traveling packages consisted of flight tickets, hotel stays, and bus or car rentals generally offer better bargains than purchasing these items individually.

Gym Membership

Best Time to Buy: July, August, September
The late summer months are traditionally fire-sale season for fitness centers, which see a decline in membership when it’s warm enough to exercise outside.

Designer Clothing

Best Time to Buy: May, December
In the spring, designers are coming out one by one to showcase their fall/ winter clothing; in the fall, you will see an array of clothing for next spring/summer.


Best Time To Buy: May, December
Jewelry is often discounted alongside clothing at department stores. As well, you can see more bargains in May and December, right before wedding seasons (July & August) and Valentine (February).


Best Time to Buy: Holiday Weekends


Best Time to Buy: October to December
Sales and hot deals start from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.


Best Time to Buy: July, January
Furniture stores offer the best prices, most convenient payment plans and sometimes free shipping during the July and January clearance sales.

USD Currency

Best Time to Buy: Wartime
When USA is at war (eg, Iraq War), there will be increasing demands in many manufactures and service industries to supply military equipment and rations to soldiers.


Best Time to Buy: Beginning of War
This is especially true whenever the war involves oil-producing countries.


Best Time to Buy: Depreciation of USD Currency
USD loses its value generally near the end of war. When this happens, investors switch to buying gold to preserve their investments, which in turn causes the price of gold to soar.


Best Time to Buy: January or February
In general, January or February is the best time to buy a car of preceding year models. Next-year models generally come out around July to September.

For example, 2010 models come out in August 2009. When January 2010 arrives, it will be best time to buy 2009 models becasue dealers will want to get rid of excess stock of 2009 models.

Additionally, drivers don’t want to put a new car through the snow and salt of winter. That means they usually wait until spring to buy, making the historically coldest winter months bargain season.

Real Estate

Best Time to Buy: October to February
Most people buy and sell homes in the spring. That means demand is down during the winter when snowfalls attract fewer buyers. Hence, it is more feasible to snap up bargains during the winter. January is known as the “Depression Month,” where a higher percentage of people get depression and anxiety because people are panicking to pay their bills after excessive spending in Christmas.

Year 2009 is a bit different. Because of the excess supply of homes across the country, spring and summer will offer real estate deals.


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