Annual Salary for Members of Legislative Assembly BC

What's annual income for your BC local MLP or even for Premier?

How Much Do BC Premier and Members of Legislative Assembly Make Annually

How Much Do BC MLP’s Earn Annually?

As of year 2009:
$101,859 for MLAs in BC

* The members’ basic Remuneration is to be increased April 1 of each year by the percentage increase of the BC consumer price index, if any, for the 12-month period ending on December 31 of the previous year, in accordance with subsection 2(2) of the Members’ Remuneration and Pensions Act. Legislative amendments introduced in the Spring of 2010 called for no adjustments to be made to basic compensation with respect to fiscal years commencing April 1, 2010 or April 1, 2011.

* MLAs who hold parliamentary or ministerial office receive an additional salary that corresponds to a percentage of the basic compensation. If an MLA holds two or more positions for which an additional salary is granted, the MLA is entitled only to the higher salary.

How Much Does BC Premier Make Each Year?

Role as MLA $101,859
Role as Premier $91,673
total annual income $193,532
MLA’s also receives generous allowances in Capital City Living Allowance, Meals Per Diem, Office Allowance, and Travel Allowance. To read more on these topics:
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How Much Does Leader of Opposition Make?

Role as MLA $101,859
Role as Leader of Opposition $50,930
total annual income $152,789

How Much Do Other Party Leaders Make?

Role as MLA $101,859
Role as Party Leader $25,465
total annual income $127,324

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2 Responses to Annual Salary for Members of Legislative Assembly BC

  1. Lou on 2016/03/03 at 5:07 pm

    Meanwhile, disabled people in BC make less than 11,000 per year and are having their bus pass canceled.

  2. Liisa frederick on 2015/08/12 at 10:07 pm

    Think about the poverty in this country when you go to sleep tonight! People having no home and depending on food banks to survive is so shameful! Fix it please!

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