Annual Salary for Members of Legislative Assembly Alberta

What's annual income for your Alberta local MLP or even for Premier?

How Much Do Alberta Premier and Members of Legislative Assembly Make  Annually

How Much Do Alberta MLP’s Earn Annually?

As of year 2008:

MLA Indemnity $52,092.00
MLA Tax Free Allowance $26,046.00
toal annual income $78,138.00

* Based on an approved motion of the committee of December 2, 2009, there shall be no annual adjustment to the salaries as outlined (below) for the fiscal year April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011. Salaries have remained unchanged since April 1, 2008.

* Members who occupy certain offices, positions, and committees are entitled to additional remuneration.

How Much Does Alberta Premier Make Each Year?

MLA Indemnity $52,092.00
MLA Tax Free Allowance $26,046.00
Role as Premier $81,312.00
total annual income $159,450

How Much Does Leader of Opposition Make?

MLA Indemnity $52,092.00
MLA Tax Free Allowance $26,046.00
Role as Leader of Opposition $63,912.00
total annual income $142,050

How Much Do Other Party Leaders Make?

MLA Indemnity $52,092.00
MLA Tax Free Allowance $26,046.00
Role as Other Party Leader $28,392.00
total annual income $106,530
To read more on Additional Allowances, Special Members Allowances, Detailed MLA Incomes, Committee Allowances:

Parliamentary Position Salary
MLA Indemnity + Tax Free Allowance $78,138.00
Additional Allowances, Office Other Than MLA
Premier $81,312.00
Speaker $63,912.00
Minister with portfolio $63,912.00
Minister without portfolio $28,392.00
Leader of the Official Opposition $63,912.00
Deputy Speaker and Chair of Committees $31,968.00
Deputy Chair of Committees $15,984.00
Leader of a recognized opposition party $28,392.00
Special Members’ Allowances
Official Opposition House Leader $13,596.00
Third Party House Leader $10,872.00
Chief Government Whip $10,872.00
Assistant Government Whip $8,136.00
Chief Opposition Whip $8,136.00
Assistant Opposition Whip $6,792.00
Third Party Whip $6,792.00


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