How to Host the Perfect Yard Sale

Tips & Tricks to Monetize "Junky" Assets

Summer is here. Guess what…it’s time for garage sale. How do you turn your junks / clutter into cash efficiently and effectively, in terms of customer number, percentage of items sold, and amount of money made?

Here are some creative ways and fast secrets to increase your sale and profit from your yard sale among the spirits of your neighborhood competition. Let’s begin our “thrill of the hunt.”

7 Tips for Effective Yard Sale

  1. Always keep light items together; it will sell better.
  2. Let go of what you originally spent; be willing to part away your long past belongings. Designate areas for $10, $5, and $2—a great way for selling clothes. From that point, you can simply walk away and don’t need to worry about the prices for those items.
  3. Forget about putting yard sale signs on the streets. Chances are people will rip the sign down. Try it online instead!!! Post your yard sale advertising on the internet free. Save you time printing the signs, walking down the streets, and duct-taping them. You will reach more people online!
  4. Use buzzwords (fashion words or vogue words)! Eg, out of print, limted edition, fashion designer brand, stylish, etc.
  5. Slash prices on the price tag early on, so it seems like a steal. Eg, $100 slashed down to $45, giving customers an impression of 55% discount!!!
  6. Make the items sentimental, so they seems worth a lot. For example, tell a story associated with your antique doll which was passed down from your great great grandmother who traveled on Titanic ship, or your old guitar which helped you win in numerous guitar competitions and was passed down originally from your grandfather who served in WWII.
  7. Seal a deal with freebies! Give a small item away for free for buying something in your garage sale. This makes customers feel they really get a very good bargain

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